Combining AI with human knowledge to improve your operational intelligence, fast.


We enable customers to quickly solve their problems and realize the value in their operations by augmenting their engineers and offering the best of Intelligent Edge Solutions.

A comprehensive Operational AI platform

Get out of the ordinary decisions and arrive at excellence with AI. Intelie’s Operational AI platform can help industries move to the next level of operational excellence—by using data to better inform current decisions in the here and now, predictive analytics to better anticipate the future, and automation to take advantage of every increment of cost and speed that can be found. INTELIE LIVE is a quintessential Operational AI platform that truly enables better actions now.

Pre-built Operational AI components

INTELIE LIVE is provided with a set of pre-built applications, proven and validated in field operations, that delivers value immediately upon installation. These solutions use standard channels, encapsulate all the required data analytics logic, provide the necessary visuals with widgets, dashboard templates, and are robust and resilient to production environments.

INTELIE LIVE is a complete Operational AI platform that provides a stream analytics and event processing engine for real-time data ingestion, alarm management, exception-based surveillance, data visualization, and others. Extensible by design, INTELIE LIVE plugins can transform the platform to successfully extend any capability such as scheduling, planning, sequence building, cost tracking, KPI generation, and reporting.

Taking data quality to the next level

In recent years there has been an exponential generation of data use both in industrial operations using sensors, as well as in digital operations using apps, and a major challenge for companies has been to generate value from this data.

Intelie has developed a great deal of intellectual property in managing and generating value from operational data since its origin: in the acquisition of this data, in dealing with the quality of this data, in real-time processing, and even the visualization of this result with dashboards, alerts, and layered delivery of collaboration.

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Augmented Intelligence

Digital transformation can only take place when technology, processes and people are aligned to impact business operations. For us, Artificial Intelligence it is not at the center of everything - People are. People create technology, they improve it. And later on, they are enhanced by their own creation. This is what got us to the Augmented Intelligence concept.

Our platform enables augmented intelligence by allowing humans to make better AI models through alerts validation, labels correction, or manually annotating events to enable better machine learning at scale. It also allows machines to make humans more intelligent and efficient by providing smart alarms and robotic process automation of repetitive or time-consuming analytical tasks, and by surfacing the exact data or knowledge that a user needs just in time.

Speed to Value

INTELIE LIVE has as its core benefit to deliver value to customers fast. Our pre-built apps can be installed off the shelf to get the value right away, but also can be broken down into solution bricks, which makes it easy and fast to innovate on top.

It stands on a unique set of data quality tools to speed up all the data engineering work required that easily constitutes the majority of the total work.

Humans can take actions from insights, correct "false insights" and be augmented from a more symbiotic relationship.

These three unique Intelie LIVE capabilities are in place to speed the process of dynamic operations and extract value from AI.

Intelligent solutions for all segments

Today, INTELIE LIVE is a key monitoring and operational intelligence tool for 47% of all deepwater drilling rigs actively operating in the World*.

We help best-in-class O&G companies to keep situation awareness with real-time data contextualized by critical information provided by engineers. Our platform captures sensor data and combines it with all other data generated in the lifecycle of a Well (design, plans, costs) to feed advanced machine learning algorithms and physical models that turn the operation management more intelligent in a continuously evolving process.

*Source: Riglogix - data from 2021

We have optimized Ocyan's operational uptime by 4.6% and help reduce the incident rate by 69%. [August 2021]

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“INTELIE LIVE has been successfully implemented and helps Decision Support Centers to make quick and correct decisions. It is a unique tool in the oil and gas industry."

Roni Abensur Gandelman | Petrobras / CENPES

Smart Mobility plus Geo-Intelligence to monitor mobile assets in real-time.

With our technology, the operations are more efficient promoting cost reduction, safety, and sustainability. In effect, trackers installed on mobile assets provide data continuously and in real-time. The people who control the operation are able to act proactively, analyzing data from trackers, referenced and related to data from legacy systems, all happening right away.

In addition to promoting more assertiveness in decisions, the solution allows you to leverage the use of ERP, optimize the operation through the management of planned vs. performed, optimize the use of assets (idleness and unavailability) and promote proper risk management (frauds, deviations, etc).

For mobile assets that need to be steered, Smart Mobility analyzes data through HDDB that allows 16x more accuracy in measuring behavior patterns that can positively impact reduction fuel consumption and maintenance costs

Technology helps companies be more sustainable and also more aware of their impact. It is only possible to improve something once you can monitor it.

INTELIE's solutions go far beyond all of this, collecting and analyzing sensor data in real-time, dramatically reducing waste and allowing you not only to respond to accidents and failures but also to provide them with enough time and tools to act in order to avoid them.

INTELIE LIVE® platform enables constant and ever-growing improvements. The Operational AI platform can alert about incidents in advance, avoiding major natural resources consumption and other impacts that may be unrecoverable and costly. Real-time data analysis enables workers and companies to quickly deliver the values of sustainability and operational efficiency.

Solutions can be tailored to fit into several levels of organizational complexities, including those that require a real-time center of excellence.

Get to know the Dynamic Risk Advisor solution

"My role as an engineer is to empower the management team with a reliable, on-time data tool. In this way, all fleet operations can be properly managed with a single perspective.”

Bruno Duarte | Lead Project Engineer at Vale

The exponential use of digital channels became a reality. Fully digital transactions that relate directly to the end customer need to be monitored to ensure the best experience for your customer. They require robust architectures to ensure the efficiency of the digital environment.

INTELIE LIVE enables real-time operation monitoring using ready-to-use tools and resources that will add value to operations. Real-time data analysis is effective in providing technical and business teams with powerful insights that drive operational efficiencies and streamline decision-making that positively reflect the customer experience.

INTELIE LIVE platform can deliver the most advanced alerts based on strict rules to advise on the best strategy for your daily business. Real-time data analysis helps prevent fraud, diversion and generate insights into new business opportunities.

"It is part of our job to monitor the sales flow, be proactive in identifying problems and generate real-time information. With Intelie Live, we can identify issues faster and act before they negatively impact sales".

Marco Lucio | Systems VP, Walmart E-commerce

Digital transformation is about orchestrating the physical world more efficiently by turning data into insights and ultimately to action at speed and scale to make the impossible possible and the possible affordable.

INTELIE is laser-focused on Operational AI. It’s in operational settings where the majority of business-relevant data to decision transformations occur. Operations are where the hype is sifted from reality and where there is a real need for the speed, performance, and agility that Intelie’s integrated end-to-end platform brings.

The INTELIE LIVE platform is the key to beginning true digital transformation because it is capable of transforming operational chaos (rework, high costs, hundreds of spreadsheets) into efficient digital operation through data analysis and process automation.

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Get to know inside the Operational AI platform

INTELIE LIVE Architecture

The key to operationalizing AI is INTELIE’s ability to seamlessly combine its pre-built Apps with the flexibility to build custom solutions. INTELIE LIVE is a layer on top of the cloud with a set of unique features to expedite the creation and adoption of Operational AI solutions.

Intelie LIVE Architecture

The key to operationalizing AI is Intelie’s ability to seamlessly combine its pre-built Apps with the flexibility to build custom solutions. Intelie LIVE is a layer on top of the cloud with a set of unique features to expedite the creation and adoption of Operational AI solutions.

Operational AI Platform

It’s the foundation of all projects. The Prism is built based on 3 pillars: Pre-built Operational AI components, Data Management Expertise, and Augmented Intelligence. - PIPES => INTELIE Pipes is the proprietary language that allows us to innovate and deliver speed to value.

Solution suites ready to use

On top of the core platform, our solution suites are the tangible way customers and users extract the real value from the data. They are usually a comprehensive set of pre-built Operational Applications that combines data integrations, algorithms, visualizations, smart alerts, to solve an operational problem, proven and validated in field operations organized into a common theme. Those Operational AI applications can be installed from an existing marketplace to speed up value capture.
Additionally, every Operational AI application comes with an "edit button", i.e. empowered users can edit, customize and insert their operations specific needs or "secret sauce" fast.

Innovation on Demand

INTELIE solution applications are built in a way that customers can build on top. Applications can be used right away, but also empower customers in new creations and, therefore, deliver value for operations. In other words, we provide both plug-and-play solutions, but at the same time, we deliver the flexibility to build new solutions quicker and better.
INTELIE LIVE will not put any boundary to your innovation capability. For the unsolved problems, the core platform capabilities combined with pre-existing solution bricks will allow Operational AI applications to be designed, developed, and operationalized from scratch.

Cloud Agnostic

We are cloud-agnostic which means INTELIE LIVE can run with any public cloud provider, in INTELIE tenant or customer's tenant —without being bound by operating dependencies. It is also possible to run our solution in a customer internal infrastructure, following each customer IT strategy.

INTELIE is a verified partner of AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Speed to value for real

The INTELIE LIVE platform flexibility and the way it empowers users to build on top in a fast way are also how we deliver "speed" to customers. Long waiting times for customizations for high demanding operations is not affordable.

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If my team develops something on its own would I own it?

Yes. INTELIE has its applications and does improvements on it regularly. Customers are allowed to freely build and own IP on independently developed applications. It is the more efficient way to leverage on a suite of existing applications, but also be able to differentiate and introduce "secret sauces".

How serious are data security and security controls at INTELIE?

As part of a publicly listed US company and working with the largest and most demanding organizations on the planet, Intelie takes cyber security very seriously. Best practices, constant training, experts, modern tools, and regular audits and tests are applied.

Are there data lock-in tricks?

No data lock-in. Facilitated migrations and integrations through hundreds of adapters. Contractually guaranteed.

Typically, how long does it take to see results?

It depends on a lot of variables, but a typical successful Proof of Value takes from 8 to 12 weeks

Can I try before I buy?

Yes. INTELIE provides a free demonstration for qualified leads, paid PoVs, or free try-and-buy projects. Bring us your challenge and let's plan together.

How difficult is it to displace or work with existing technology?

INTELIE LIVE is modular and API-friendly with the flexibility to integrate into existing solutions and run in any cloud. After many many years of doing it, INTELIE has developed a methodology to connect or displace existing solutions considering process, technology, and data without risking operations.

Why another AI tool? I didn't get it yet.

If you are long enough in this space you know that creating a good data set with good labels is the first hard job to get done to build AI algorithms. After you have good algorithms, the challenge is to get these insights in the hands of people that can be actionable and operationalize them. After that the challenge is about establishing a continuous learning collaboration process between AI and people, using human feedback to improve algorithms, and using algorithms to improve operations. If you agree that those challenges are still open in your existing toolset, Intelie LIVE will help.