What matters most to enable AI and AI where it matters the most.

Operational AI: make data quality right, enable human-AI collaboration for continuous learning and deliver the apps to operations where key insights are actionable.

+300bi Data points managed in typical INTELIE LIVE large environments

>1.2M sensors are exposed to INTELIE LIVE each day

Monitors floating rigs across the world

INTELIE LIVE is provided with a set of pre-built applications, proven and validated in field operations, that delivers value immediately upon installation. These solutions use standard channels, encapsulate all the required data analytics logic, provide the necessary visuals with widgets, dashboard templates, and are robust and resilient to production environments.

Products ready for each segment, and for each client.

9700 dashboard usage hours, and growing.

Engineers using our apps on average every day in critical operations.

Proven Operational AI cases across the globe.

UK, Myamar, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, USA and more.

80+ ready solution applications to speed up value.

Ready to install and ready to be broken into solution bricks and unleash customer innovation.

Millions of sensors are connected to INTELIE LIVE today.

Billions of data points analyzed by thousands of concurrent models continuously.

Intelligence for the smartest

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