Delivering operational safety through dynamic risk analysis



Ocyan is a Brazilian company providing upstream services primarily in Brazil, with additional operations in Angola and Mexico. With a focus on offshore drilling and production, subsea construction, and providing offshore maintenance and services, the company innovates while delivering sustainable and safe solutions.

Ocyan is committed to the highest levels of safety and operational performance monitoring, motivated by a desire to minimize environmental impacts.

Identifying results that matter most

Ocyan is continually inspecting cases where safety is of the utmost importance. The company does this using risk studies and risk analysis tools which track the operations domestically and globally as part of their corporate risk management.

Ocyan’s standard risk assessment reflects the safety condition of an asset at the moment the document was created, essentially acting as a snapshot. This standard assessment does not reflect the integrity of safety barriers.

On the other hand, with real-time, dynamic barrier monitoring through INTELIE platform, Viasat effectively evaluates risk management to an unprecedented awareness level. This significantly increases decisions, actions, and evidence of effective operational risk management.

Dynamically managing risk

Through the INTELIE platform, Viasat delivers a Dynamic Risk Advisor (DRA) that provides a useful framework to visually map risk and dynamically update the status of all components. The risk map includes all hazards, threats, barriers, mitigation barriers and consequences outlined by the client in order to comply with health, safety and environmental regulations.

It also shows the relationship between the hazards, potential adverse consequences and the factors that could cause harm. The result is a clear differentiation between proactive and reactive risk management.

Dynamic Risk Advisor

Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

People and process management systems

WITSML system

Checklist systems

Manual checklists and forms


A customizable solution

Every client’s needs are different. That’s why INTELIE’s risk management system is capable of monitoring many complex safety barriers in real time, including both low- and high-frequency data. Once a barrier process is mapped, INTELIE connects those barriers to several databases that include each client’s specific rules that are related to their unique safety procedures.

In addition, INTELIE LIVE is able to integrate many external data sources for automatic updates of barrier states.

  • Dynamic real-time updates (high and low frequency data)
  • Assistance maintaining equipment in compliance with OEM’s operational limits and procedures checklists
  • Many possibilities for integration with other systems
  • A visual tool to deliver speed to your decisions
  • Concept incorporation of barrier degradation factors
  • Automatic evaluation of residual risks that may result from degradation or barrier additions
  • Quick interpretation enabling optimal decisions
  • Development of new scenarios or a specific operation before an occurrence

"By combining our knowledge, we build a solution that will have a very positive impact on the safety of operations in the oil and gas sector, as well as being applicable in other industries where process safety is critical.”

Heitor Gioppo, Executive VP of Ocyan

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