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Major heavy equipment contractor

Major heavy equipment contractor

When Ricardo Clemente of INTELIE met with clients from one of the biggest drilling contract holders in the oil and gas industry to discuss their pain-points, he knew he had the solution. Their issues were predominantly related to the handling and processing of vast amounts of data. Each rig had upwards of 30,000 sensors, each collecting unstandardized data that was mainly logged manually.

This made it challenging to not only collect data, but also access it in real time which was critically important to the operations. The data from the sensors is used to predict failures, reduce non-productive time (NPT), and improve the quality of the equipment.

Putting an intelligent system in place.

With a wide range of information being tracked by sensors – like temperature, speed, pressure, position, weight, torque – a smart and robust system was needed. INTELIE created SEA (Smart Equipment Analytics) to monitor, in real time, the equipment usage, and find gaps and operational improvements. SEA also enabled data standardization and visualizations that allowed employees to quickly understand trends throughout the rig and take action if abnormal events were identified.

To do this, the INTELIE platform set up parameters for what was considered “normal” for each sensor-setting up alarms for real-time updates when data fluctuated beyond the ideal. It also allowed equipment maintenance to be scheduled automatically – something that would previously need to be done manually.

Drilling down further.

While drilling, it is incredibly important to be able to respond quickly when an issue is identified-this is especially true when it comes to the brakes as they can guarantee safety of the equipment and crew.

With the INTELIE system, a rule was implemented to monitor how long the brakes would take to stop. By monitoring the time, abnormal conditions that were previously hidden could now be identified instantly. This allowed for more streamlined and efficient operations that result in less costly downtime.

Integration, automation and results

Integration, automation and results

  • Using INTELIE LIVE, the operational AI platform, Viasat was able to identify abnormal behavior in real time and plan preventative maintenance accordingly.
  • By integrating the maintenance system and INTELIE LIVE, maintenance schedules and manual input processes were automated.
  • Real-time monitoring of equipment led to the identification of degradation over time while also standardizing the fleet’s operations.
  • Rig operations are trending in a more clean and efficient direction due to the monitoring of fuel consumption and emissions.

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